Samstag, 3. September 2016

The Future

My future scares me. How am I supposed to know, what is the best for myself? There are so many emotions and doubts at the same time that it scares me even more. I need to sort out a lot and writing everything down on here helps me. It makes me a bit calmer. The problem is that I tend to stress myself out a lot which isn't even necessery. I think the best way to plan your future is to do the exact opposite. Don't stress yourself out and trust in your gut feeling. It is also easier to only plan what you can plan. Right now I can plan what I want to do after my Abitur-exams, but I can't plan to which university I want to go, as I'm not sure about what I want to study. For knowing that I have to get to know myself better. And therefore I need a gap year after taking my final exams. In this year I want to help. I want to learn. I want to experience a bit of freedom without losing a secure home. This is why I will volunteer. Volunteering gives me the opportunity to help others without having big responsibilities. I am not ready to be someone who works in a big enterprise. I know what I don't want to do which is always a good way to get closer to find out what you want to do. Exclude everything that won't be something you want to do. That way the activities that might work out really well for you will come in sight. That's at least how I try to figure out my future. Moreover, I found out that it doesn't help me if everyone around you makes suggestions about what you could do. They will influence you and they could make you end up somewhere you don't belong. Every single person seemed to know what's best for me. But they don't. The truth is that finding something real good might be exhausting and you might have to put in a lot of effort. But that should be worth it in the end. So, inform yourself and now what you're talking about. You are the only person, who has to understand their own decisions. Last but not least I want you to trust in where life will take you. I believe in my own life. This is the only reason why I can say "I don't know, what I'm going to do after my final exams..." with confidence. I will find my way. I will make mistakes. But I will trust in myself.
I want the journey to be wonderful.

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